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Weintraub Tobin attorneys keep informed on current issues that may affect our clients and the industries in which they operate. Please review our list of articles, legal alerts, seminar presentations prepared by our attorneys.

Publication Date
Character Copyright -- Is Sherlock Holmes in the Public Domain? July 12, 2013
Attorneys’ Fees For “Bad Faith” Trade Secret Claims: How Pre-Discovery Disclosures Can Help July 10, 2013
You Need an Estate Plan (Even in Your 20s and 30s) July 10, 2013
(Natural) Genes are not Patentable July 5, 2013
Empowering Embattled Landowners: The Recent Koontz Decision July 3, 2013
Are Patent Trolls Good? June 28, 2013
Court Requires FDA to Final FSMA Regulations by June 2015 June 27, 2013
Supreme Court Rules DOMA Section 3 Unconstitutional June 26, 2013
Marriage Equality Returns to California June 26, 2013
Non Union Employers Beware: OSHA Has Just Become A Union Organizer June 10, 2013

Photo by Hanna Therkildsen